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Our team offers knowledge and expertise beyond our software. We love to help new and existing customers solve their challenges with innovative and technical solutions.


Regulatory & Technical Insights

To help you add GHS Hazards to your items within Formpak we have created a helpful poster which gives you an easy read across of hazard abbreviations and H Statements. It also shows the Pictogram, Signal Word and Transport Class.

You can view and download the poster here

This includes a brief background to the regulation, deadlines for compliance and which mixtures are in scope. It also includes information about obtaining UFI's, the requirements for updating submissions and how Formpak Software can help.

You can view and download the article here

In June 2022 we hosted 16 training sessions, on 8 different topics, over 2 days. The training sessions were attended by over 100 participants, from 40 companies, across 14 countries.

You can view and download recordings of the training topics here.

This is a brief summary of the key details needed to undertake IFRA reviews for raw materials and fragrances. To produce an IFRA Certificate, detailed composition information is required and understanding of the manufacturing processes.

You can view and download the article here

This presentation is a brief overview of key legislation relating to the fragrance industry in Europe. It can be downloaded here

Please see examples of how we have helped customers below:

Formpak Software

We were approached by a client who needed a centralised software solution for to help manage their raw materials and formulations and enhance their product development processes.

Data Sheet

One of our clients wanted to introduce a Technical Data Sheet, to automate the provision of product and regulatory information to their customers with full traceability and flexible management.

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Analysis Report

A client needed a quick and easy method to determine if and where specific constituent parts were contained within the formulation raw materials.


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