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Global fragrance and flavour manufacturer


The company were frequently asked by customers to advise if and where specific constituent parts were contained within the formulation raw materials. An example would be to determine if terpinene gamma and other components are used in the customers products, and if it is added as such or introduced through natural materials. The company had the arduous task of exploding out the formulation and trying to manually determine where the constituents would be located, sometimes having to look at the composition of each raw material which would be a very time-consuming process.


We discussed the challenge with the client to establish that a report, revealing the critical data, which could optionally be sent to the customer, would be an ideal solution.


The client’s ideal solution would include:
  • A new report located in Print Item Analysis Report.
  • Easy to use and quick to generate report.
  • Including the raw material identifier such as the CAS number.
  • Potential to send the report to the customer, including customer name and code (cross reference)


Formpak designed a new report and added it to the Print Item Analysis Report section. This new report ‘Item Sources Report with CAS Numbers’ generates a breakdown of the constituent parts, which raw material they are present in, detailing the concentration amount, total concentration, CAS and EC number. The client can perform the check for raw material constituents far more efficiently, enabling a much quicker response to the customer using less resources.

This case study is available to download here.

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