The Formpak website and videos are a good place to start to review Formpak and its suitability for your needs. We offer online demonstrations using GoToMeeting so you have an opportunity to see Formpak from your own perspective and ask any questions about functionality or scope. We can even add example data which more closely reflects your situation. Additionally, we have a general test system available online which you can access to gain familiarity and confidence in the software navigation and functionality. Contact us for a discovery session or to arrange a demo.

Yes! We can deliver a live demonstration directly to your computer. We use GoToMeeting for our online meetings and teleconferences.
Please contact us to arrange a demonstration.

Yes, we have some video tutorials available on the Formpak Software YouTube channel.

There is a test system which contains small amounts of example data. It is a useful test site to explore system functionality, perform testing and begin training. Please visit our contact us page for the details.

To find out more about us, please visit our about us or contact us pages.

Our core historical industries are fragrances, flavours, ingredients and chemicals. Increasingly and partly due to the changing regulatory environment, we are also involved with customers in the cosmetics, toiletries, cleaning and aircare, paint and coatings industries.
Please visit our industries page for more information.

Formpak Enterprise Edition includes SOAP web services to facilitate the integration of external systems such as ERP systems. These services enable external systems to perform a variety of operations in Formpak, including adding, updating and querying raw materials, formulations, companies and related information; producing documents and labels, and assessing compliance to requirements.
Please visit our Enterprise Edition page for more information.

Please contact us directly via phone or email and we will send you our current price list. We can quote you for your specific business needs and offer discounts for orders over a certain number of users.

The software is priced per user as we offer differing user categories which are priced separately. Please visit our products page for the details about the different user categories.

Your annual maintenance fee pays for the renewal of the Formpak Software licenses used, support services via email, telephone, remote assistance, and access to our online support centre and training videos. As required, we also provide software version updates.

Desktops and Laptops that run either Windows or Mac OS (using a virtual PC e.g. Parallels). Please see our Personal Edition page for more information about minimum system requirements.

Formpak is installed by remote access by Formpak personnel directly onto a computer or server. Initially all of the middleware components must be installed along with the application itself and the initial data. Formpak is accessed through a web browser interface.

Once you have paid the initial 50% of a licence it takes on average two weeks for your system to be built and then it will be remotely installed for you which can take approximately 2 hours.

It is the users’ responsibility to keep their raw material data up to date, however Formpak will update the software with features and functionalities.

Training for Formpak users is given in several ways:

Training Matrix – Our Training Matrix lists all training and help content available (over 120 topics). The list includes target areas and a link to the content and also a date so you can search on the most recently added/reviewed content. There is focused and recommended content for users in specific areas, such as System Admin, Regulatory Affairs, Document Producer, Product Development, Projects and Tasks.

Quick Start Guides – We will send you a set of PDF’s with basic instructions on getting started with the key areas.

Videos – There are many videos on Formpak’s YouTube channel which demonstrate how to use the software. If you don’t have access to YouTube, please let us know and we can make them available as MP4 files for you.

Application Help Centre – In the software itself, press the ‘Help’ button to access the Help Centre which is installed along with the system. The Help Centre contains information about all the areas of the application and in addition has ‘overview’ content which gives background information.

One to one online training – We can organise one to one training using GoToMeeting and teleconferencing so you can receive training specific to you and your team.

Formpak offer support in the following ways:

Support Centre – We have a new Support Centre which has many articles covering key areas of Formpak functionality. It also holds quick start guides for common functions, step-by-step processes to follow, screen shots and FAQs to help you solve questions you may have.

Telephone – If you phone during UK business hours, there is usually someone available to speak to you. It can be a good idea to organise a call in advance if it’s possible, just to be sure the right person is available. But of course if you had a sudden and important topic to discuss, please just call. Please visit our contact us page for contact details.

Email – Emails sent to support@formpak-software.com go to the support team and we all have an opportunity to respond. If there is a business critical matter and you mark your email as urgent it will get top priority, and if it’s in business hours, you would normally get a response within an hour or by return. Other emails tend to be dealt with on a perceived priority and based on workload also. Typically, emails are answered within 4 business hours, often much quicker. If there is a complex topic, especially if it is being handled by someone specific or requires specialist input then it might be longer. If you are not UK based, you may be concerned about support in your region. We operate extended working hours to ensure we can be responsive to those in other time zones from GMT and have customers as far west as California and far east as Australia who are well supported.

Remote Assistance – We are able to offer support by using GoToMeeting, an online conferencing service, where we can see your screen to offer support and guidance.

If a customer requires specific support in person, this can be considered and this time is chargeable.

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