Cosmetic Regulations

In Formpak you can manage many aspects of Cosmetic regulations

Including Cosmetic and IFRA Limits, and generating INCI lists. You can manage regulations for different regions and incorporate your own rules.

Cosmetic Regulations and Formpak

Cosmetic regulations are regional – each country or region has its own ideas about how consumers should be protected and therefore have their own cosmetic regulations. This includes which products are considered to be a ‘cosmetic’ and also the rules about safety, labelling and marketing.
Examples of regional regulations include:

  • European Cosmetic Regulation No 1223/2009
  • United States Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act)
  • Indian Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO).

Many aspects of Cosmetic regulations can be managed in Formpak. For example you can ensure compliance to cosmetic ingredient limits, in relation to specific applications. You can also generate INCI lists, including fragrance allergens.

Regional cosmetic limits can be added for ingredients and results calculated for cosmetic formulations. This can include contributions from fragrances and essential oils.

Limits and other restrictions for ingredients and formulations can easily be calculated, reported and kept up to date. During product development you can access rapid feedback to be confident you develop compliant cosmetic formulations.

Staying up to date 

During the product lifecycle, ingredients, formulations and the rules themselves can change over time. Therefore, Cosmetic limits can be automatically re-calculated to ensure they are always up to date. This can be configured to alert you to important changes to your product, for example to automatically propose a revision to an INCI list. This is all configurable and under your control.


You can also produce Safety Data Sheets, GHS and CLP labels and generate transport data.     

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