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Streamline your documentation process enabling you to author many documents and labels, including Safety Data Sheets and Supply labels in over 30 languages. Industry specific documents such as Technical Data Sheets, Specifications and IFRA Certificates and many more can also be authored. Formpak includes configurable tools to easily track the supply of documents and automate revisions and updates to customers. You can also produce Poison Centre Notifications in the required i6z file format ready for submission to the ECHA portal.

Document Management Key Features


Each edition of Formpak includes a standard set of documents and 5 language translations for core documents. The standard document set includes: Core documents:
  • Safety Data Sheets and labels for GHS, CLP and OSHA
Industry specialist documents are also available, including:
  • IFRA Conformity Certificates
  • Cosmetic Allergen Declaration
  • Food Allergen Declaration
  • Quality Assurance Specification
Formpak has intelligent document authoring tools, giving you an array of options when producing documents. Customer preferences such as language and item cross references can be automatically applied to a document. Company details such as address, emergency contact information and logo can be changed at the click of a button. The document management tools in Formpak enable complete control over your documents:
  • Configurable permission settings allow you to restrict who can access, author and revise documents.
  • Ensure the safe supply of documents by setting the validity criteria required for a document to be authored. Unique supply conditions can be assigned to each document.
  • Formpak’s Automatic Processing tool can automate the supply and resupply of a document based on a specified criteria.
Our custom document service provides exclusive documents with bespoke requirements such as specific content, sophisticated logic, or a tailored layout. This collaboration process provides customer with innovative solutions to help complicated document requirements. Examples include Technical Specifications with complex content and product labels with precise layouts to accommodate pre-printed content. Please see our Technical Data Sheet case study for an example of how this service has help one of our customers.

Formpak comes with 5 language translations for core documents. Additional languages can be added quickly and easily with over 35 languages available including all official EU languages, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

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