Formulation Development

Formpak's formulation tools

Are a powerful way to save your business time and money. Rapid ingredient selection, creation history, easy handling of multi-level formulations and side by side composition view are standard. Alongside powerful regulatory tools and real-time suitability checks this takes formulation development to a new level of simplicity – all underpinned by product life cycle management tools and permissions which give you robust control and traceability.

Document Management Key Features

Formpak’s formulation development tools are designed for speed and convenience for the formulator, but with added extras! You can quickly find ingredients to include in your formulation: just start typing a name, CAS, code or other identifier, and the system instantly searches, returning results which can be added with a single click. As you build your formulation the cost is updated instantly and you can sort by ingredient cost or cost contribution.

Each user of the system can choose the information they want to display when formulating. For example, you can choose to display extra identifiers such as CAS and FEMA number, display properties such as nutritional values, colour and ingredient limits.

Regulatory information can be calculated throughout the development process and you can undertake compliance checks in moments. All of which help you ensure compliance and suitability for regulations plus any customer specific requirements. 

You can assess compliance for all kinds of scenarios during product development. Examples include:

  • Formulate to specified nutritional goals and diets 
  • Avoid Proposition 65 ingredients 
  • Limit ingredients based on specific hazards
  • Ensure a fragrance in use would avoid labelled allergens on a cosmetic product for the European market
  • Avoid on pack GHS environmental hazards

Formpak management tools also have many functions that can save you time throughout the formulation creation process. Formpak gives you the option to specify an item to use as a starting point. This is ideal if you are creating new versions of an existing formation. The useful comparison tools allow you to view multiple formulations side by side to compare changes during the development process. There is also an option to copy and paste complete formulations from spreadsheets.


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