Poison Centre Notifications

Formpak enables you to generate an i6z dossier with a high degree of automation so you can efficiently submit Poison Centre Notifications (PCNs) to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), and additionally keep track of required updates.

Managing PCNs with Formpak​

The EU CLP Regulation requires all hazardous mixtures sold in the EU are notified to the Poison Centre of the member state(s) in which they are sold.

The dossier containing this information is a highly complex, often multi-language, set of data required to be in a specific format. There is free software provided by ECHA to produce a dossier (IUCLID) which requires a high degree of manual input and is therefore time consuming.

Formpak can be used to generate a PCN dossier based on your existing product formulation using the classifications of your raw materials, reducing the need to duplicate composition addition and aligning hazard classifications between the CLP Safety Data Sheet and PCN dossier.

Staying up to date

PCN Dossier updating requirements are managed in order to enable future dossier generation following changes to composition or classification.

Formpak will continue to closely monitor updates to the CLP legislation and changes to the Poison Centre Notification requirements, which may differ from member state to member state.


Formpak is also used to produce GHS Safety Data Sheets and labels in over 30 languages. The Unique Formula Identifier (UFI) relevant for PCNs can easily be configured to appear on SDS and labels.

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