Product Management

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An ingredient or formulation is created in Formpak, it can be managed traceably and safely saving you time and effort. This includes automatically storing previous versions of compositions and properties so you have an ongoing history of your products. Formpak’s powerful searching tools also help you find the right products quickly in vast libraries based on any criteria including price, regulatory compliance and sensory attributes.

Product Management Key Features

Product Management Tools

Complex ingredient and formulation environments often mean change is inevitable, from ingredient hazards or status, to changes in compositions of ingredients and formulations. Formpak monitors these changes and your products can be automatically updated based on schedules you set. Throughout your product life cycle, you have peace of mind knowing that everything is up to date and that you can view and manage changes easily. There are many tools and reports which help you with different aspects of product management. Some of the key functions are:
  • View and compare previous versions of item compositions, with details of the version date and modifier.
  • Review the history of properties by specific version date or see the summary of all changes. This also includes information about who made the change.
  • Generate ‘Where Used’ reports to show where items are present in other compositions, with options to specify reporting criteria such as concentration ranges and depth of review.
  • Easily and safely undertake global changes to replace ingredients and annotate the changed composition with the reason.
  • You can interrogate the reason behind formulation results and status, examining complex formulations using Analysis Reports.

Library Management

With powerful and flexible categorisation, searching and reporting tools, you can describe, find and report anything about your products! You can add your own criteria directly into Formpak. Examples of use include:
  • Character class and notes – pick lists to describe sensory attributes such as odour, taste and feel.
  • Marketing class and notes – pick lists for descriptions of market products, or references to them for your own products
  • Applications – to express intended use
  • Attachments – to include product images
  • Properties – such as year of launch, product benefits, calculated potential for discolouration, calculated status for specific consumer groups – the opportunities are endless!
In addition to the criteria mentioned above, you can also search by name, price, creation date and many others. You can include suitability checks to determine in seconds if an ingredient or formulation is compliant for your customer, product and purpose. When matching products are found, you can view or print the selection and choose the information to be included in your report.


An added advantage of Formpak is that, if you have other software systems, it can communicate with them so business critical information can be efficiently shared. Formpak includes robust permission management so you can be confident only authorised users can perform appropriate activities. Additionally, when products are created and later changed, the history of who made the change is retained, alongside snapshots of products.
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