Project Management

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You can easily customise and build your own project templates to include tasks, workflow and status, allowing real time collaboration. You can also use our reporting tools to help with analysis of work in house, past and present.

Project Management Key Features

Projects can be used to manage all kinds of work efficiently. Traditional projects may involve product development, product evaluation, testing and sampling. Other added value possibilities include projects for stability testing, marketing requirements, analytical work and documentation requests.

Formpak can either create project templates for you, or you can add your own. You can have different project templates to reflect different standard processes. We know that projects come in many shapes and sizes too! During a specific project you can amend the flow and add extra tasks.

There are flexible tools and searches included, to you help manage current workload, also to investigate and report on historical projects.

Our support team and training documentation will help you achieve the most practical solutions with this multi-functional management tool.


Do you have a CRM or ERP system? Project information can be exchanged with other systems.  For example a project can be sent to Formpak, and later the project response can be returned back to the originating system.

Integrated compliance checks can optionally be added within tasks. This ensures that only compliant products are developed and sampled – not just from a regulatory viewpoint but also in relation to customer specific requirements. Internal sample requests and samples for customers can be easily managed too.

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