Attachments Overview

Attachments Overview

Attachments Overview

Attachments are documents or files, produced outside of Formpak, which can be uploaded to Formpak. For example, you can upload supplier Safety Data Sheets, specifications, customer restrictions and projects.

You can add attachments to items (raw materials and formulations), to parties (TO’s, customers and suppliers) and to projects and tasks. Before uploading an attachment it is necessary to add ‘Attachment Types’. The role of Attachment Types is to organise the uploads into similar types and specify which area of the software they are allowed to be uploaded.

Adding Attachments

Add Attachments to Items and Companies in the Attachments tab of the related Modify options.
Add Attachments to Projects and Tasks and their responses in the Attachment tab of the Project or Task.
When adding a new formulation, add Attachments in the Attachment tab.

To add an Attachment to a Formulation or Raw Material:

  1. Use Modify a Raw Material (or formulation)
  2. Go to the Attachment tab
  3. Click Add Attachment (a new window appears)
  4. Select the Attachment Type from the drop down box
  5. Enter a name. It is useful to enter a name which helps you understand at a glance what it is (‘From Supplier X July 2016’ for example)
  6. Click ‘File’ to then navigate to and select the file you want to attach
  7. Click Save on the Attachment page
  8. Remember to Save the Raw Material also

Attachment Types

Before uploading an attachment to Formpak, it is necessary to add an Attachment Type to specify some basic behaviour.

  1. Go To “Add a New Attachment Type”. Name the attachment type in a useful way to help users understand what type of attachment is expected e.g. Supplier SDS. Add a description if needed.
  2. Define Attachment Purpose – this relates to where in the software you would expect to be able to add that type of attachment. For example you may want to have attachment type ‘Safety Data Sheet’ be available for Items only, and you may want ‘Customer details’ to be available for Companies, and ‘Customer project’ to be available for Projects.
  3. Consider if multiple attachments are allowed (this is the default). Multiple attachments mean you can add e.g. more than one Supplier SDS. De-select this option if only one attachment is appropriate, e.g. a chemical structure.
  4. Attachment Types can be Viewed and Modified within the application.They can also be Organised to appear in a chosen order.


Last updated Sept 2017
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