Development Job Overview

Development Job Overview

Development Job Overview

Development jobs help manage work done by formulation developers. When using ‘Add a New Formulation’ a Development job is created at the same time and contains additional details about the formulation development (if entered).

Once a development job has been added a User can be assigned to work on it. Users can find jobs using ‘Search for Development Jobs’ and from the results page can perform most development job actions. Other actions can be performed from the ‘View Job Detail’ screen.

These actions are available under the Manage and Develop buttons. They include:

From the Manage button the following actions are possible, depending on the status of the job:

Edit: Opens the job, for details to be edited. Please note- a version comment is required and a new version of the job is created

Unassign: Removes the job from the current developer

Assign: Assigns the job to a specified developer

Reassign: Removes the job from current developer and assigns it to a specified developer

Abandon: Abandons the job, removing work requirements

From the Develop button the following actions are possible, depending on the status of the job:

Accept: which indicates the User is prepared to undertake the work

Start Work: Accepts the job and starts ‘Add a new formulation’ process

New Formulation: Starts ‘Add a new formulation’ process

Load WIP: Loads formulation associated with the job with Work In Progress status. If there is more than one, a choice is given

Propose Job Responses: (from Develop button in View Job Detail) Indicates which formulations developed are to be considered as the response(s) to the job. For example, 10 formulations may have been developed as part of the Job, of which only 2 are to be considered as meeting the requirements specified. Therefore the Developer would propose 2 formulations only

Proposals Complete: Indicates that the developer has completed their work and will not be proposing further job responses

Reject: Refuses the job and returns it to the User who allocated it

Other actions available when you select ‘View Job Detail’ and see the ‘View a Development Job’ screen include:

Review: This is a final review for a job where review was required, either as part of the job specification or due to failed suitability check. Proposals must be complete before the final Review can take place. If review fails, the job remains in progress. If review passes, job is completed

View Job Detail: Opens the job detail of the job in focus. From here it is possible to perform Review actions and additional Develop actions, including:

  • Propose a Job Response:Proposes the item as the response to the Job. It is possible to propose more than one item. This action automatically performs a suitability check. If the suitability check fails, the response required a review, even if no reviewer was specified by the job, and so is flagged ‘Ready for Review’
  • Abandon a Job Response:Abandons the job response
  • Review a Job Response:For any job responses flagged ‘Ready for Review’, enables the reviewer to indicate Pass or Fail status

Please note- a job can have multiple formulations associated with it. One or more formulations can be Proposed as the answer to a development job.


Last updated May 2016
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