Item Uses

Item Uses

Item Uses

Items Uses functionality limits the visibility of Items within the Composition Design Tool when formulating. For example a Formulation Developer may have access to a number of different Item Classes but if Item Uses is set up the Formulation Developer may only have access to one Item Class within the CDT.

Setting up Item Uses

The settings for Item Uses are located in Application Settings navigate to Manage Application Settings and select Yes for Formulations and or Raw Materials and Save.

Item Uses are essentially Item Type, which is linked to Item Class. Please click here for further information on Item Type and Item Class.

To create a new Item Use navigate to Add a New Item Type.

Input a Code and the Name of the Item Type, add a Description if required, and select Save.

Item Uses are added per Item on the Key Details tab, navigate to Modify a Raw or Formulation.

Formulation or Raw Material require their Item Uses to be set.

Select the Item Uses from the drop down menu and select Save.

The above example displays Item Class Fragrance Raw Material and the Item Uses is set to Fragrances.

Add a New Formulation as an Item Type Flavour and Item Class Flavour.

The Raw Material Aldehyde C16 will no longer appear in Instant Search and will not be available for selection in the CDT.


Updated Jan 2024

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