Login Administration

Login Administration

Login Administration

‘View Login Log’

Here you can see details of users who have logged in, and any unsuccessful attempts. Enter search criteria and select ‘Search’ to access the report. The report can be printed from the results screen.
Search criteria can be modified as follows:

Operation Date: Defaults to last 30 days, which can be modified if needed

Operation: Choose any/all of Login, Login as Another User, Logout, Timeout, Failed Login. By default, all are selected

Reason: Enter text for partial matches for ‘Reason’ e.g. ‘wrong password’

User: Enter a specific User if needed, or report will list all Users

Role: List specified Role, or report will show all Users

IP Address: Enter specified IP Address, or report will show all addresses

‘Login as Other User’

This is usually a high level option to allow an Administrator to change another User’s password. Select the User using smart search. Enter the User ID for confirmation of the User to which the changes should apply. Enter the new password and confirm it. Save when finished.


Last updated Sep 2017
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