Manage Laboratory Batches

Manage Laboratory Batches

Manage Laboratory Batches

This area allows you to view and manage lab batches, but first you must create a batch number sequence and batch numbers for formulations.

Go to Manage Item Code Sequences and add a new sequence

Adding a batch number to a laboratory formulation

using print lab formulations, enter form code, note if required and click ‘print to pdf’,you are asked if you want to allocate laboratory batch number and if so to select which sequence you require which produces a ‘Laboratory Formulations Report’. This will be presented and you can see the batch number in the top table under ‘Note’. A new batch number is created each time you create a new report.

A record of this batch number will be seen in Manage Laboratory Batches when you search for either the batch number specifically or the formulation, with or without other parameters.


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Last updated Aug 2019
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