Adding SCL’s for Eye Damage / Irritation

Adding SCL’s for Eye Damage / Irritation

How do I add Specific Concentration Limits (SCL’s ) to raw materials for eye damage/irritation?

The GHS end point for eye damage has several end points relating to severity of hazard:
Category 1
Category 2/2A
Category 2B

CLP does not have all these end points, and has instead:
Category 1
Category 2

Category 2/2A in GHS is aligned with Category 2 in CLP

*Assign SCL’s for Eye damage / irritation*

Using the example of Acetic Acid CAS 64-19-7, this has SCLs as follows:

C ? 90%Skin Corr. 1A; H314 / 25% ? C < 90% Skin Corr. 1B; H314 / 10% ? C < 25%Skin Irrit. 2; H315 / 10% ? C <25% Eye Irrit. 2; H319

SCL for Eye Irritation Category 2 is entered onto Formpak in the CLP Hazards property group on the property: EDI 2= (note EDI 2= and not EDI 2) as follows:
EDI 2= 10%
When you add the 10% SCL, the TFV is calculated for you.

However, because there are related hazards that are not assigned a Specific Concentration Limit, values must be added for these otherwise the more severe hazards will be triggered at a dosage lower than the Specific Concentration Limit for the lesser hazards, when the General Concentration Limit applies, which is not the intention.
SCI 1C= 25% (This is the same value as SCI 1B, which will take precedence)
EDI 1= 25%



Last updated May 2019
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