Baskets Overview

Baskets Overview

Baskets Overview

Baskets are a key way of moving items (raw materials and formulations) around Formpak. There are 100 baskets available per User. Baskets can also contain a party, applications, cross references and project properties.

To access baskets press the ‘Baskets’ button, which is located top right, just under the ‘Logout’ button.

Each Basket can be ‘managed’ in order to change the basket name, empty the basket or change the contents of the basket.

You can add raw materials and formulations to a basket using the button ‘Add to Basket’ which is included in View a Raw Material / Formulation, Find Matching Items and in Projects and Tasks.

Using Items in a Basket

You can do many useful things with items in a basket. From the basket itself there are buttons which allow you to:

Generate Cross References – The items and company from your basket are sent to ‘Generate Cross References’ where you can add and save cross references.

Check Suitability – The items, applications and company from your basket are sent to ‘Check Item Suitability’ where you can check the suitability of the different scenarios.

Print – This reports the details in the basket in a pdf format so you can save or print it.

Print Documents & Labels – The items, applications and company from your basket are sent to ‘Print Documents and Labels’ where you can print.

In a project you can copy the contents of a basket from one task to another, for example to gather items from several development tasks into one sample task. Baskets can also be used to simply maintain lists of interesting items.


Last updated April 2022
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