Document Content Overview

Document Content Overview

Document Content Overview

Documents are compiled referring to a Document design that contains Document Content (text) properties and other things. The text of a document includes content like a document title, headings, sub headings, fixed text and text which appears in specified circumstances. Document content is often split into small pieces like headings and information and the content exists directly in the software.

An example of document content in the CLP Safety Data Sheet is the document code ‘clp.title7’ = “Section 7. Handling and storage”.

It is possible to change the headings and other text by modifying the appropriate Document Content in the application. This kind of document content can be found and modified in the application using ‘Manage Document Content’:

  1. Go into Manage Document Content
  2. In the Content box enter some of the text which requires changing and click Search
  3. In the results select the row containing the text you want to change; press Edit
  4. You are presented with the existing text which you can modify
  5. When you finish modifying the text select Prevent Batch Update to prevent a future update overwriting your changes
  6. Click Save

When next produced, your document will reflect the new text.

BEWARE! Existing document content may have associated translations. If you change the English document content but do not change the content for the other languages, then the same document, when displayed in different languages, will show something different. You can find help to update translations in Entering and Modifying Translations

Examples of Document Content to Manage:

The address bar which appears on the footer of documents such as Safety Data Sheets can be modified: Find and modify document content ‘bottomCompany.’.

Recommended Uses which appears on Safety Data Sheets can be added individually to items as properties, or there can be a standard phrase which appears by default. The standard phrase is document content. To add a general phrase to appear on theses documents enter a value for document content ‘sds.productuses.generic’.



Last updated Apr 2016
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