Document Supply Condition

Document Supply Condition

Add a New Document Supply Condition

Documents include Safety Data Sheets, Certificates and Specifications which contain business critical information which is required to be kept up to date and passed on to customers.

Document supply conditions allow you to specify the circumstances under which specific documents are updated to your customers. Documents can have unique supply conditions, for example to allow Safety Data Sheets to be resupplied in a different circumstance to a Specification.

The Document Supply Condition specifies under what conditions a document should be automatically supplied and resupplied and includes:

Automated Supply for Sales:

For example, the document should be automatically supplied for first sales supply only, for sales resupply only, for both conditions or ‘None’ (not automated for supply)

Automated Supply for Samples:

For example, the document should be automatically supplied for first sample supply only, for sample resupply only, for both conditions or ‘None’ (not automated for supply)

The conditions can be different for Items sold (Sales) and sampled (Samples).

Supplying Item Period:

If you want the document to be supplied or resupplied based on sales or samples then enter how recently in months that the sale or sample must be from the present for the item to be considered to be sold or sampled.

Unsupplied Document Revision Period:

If you want the document to be resupplied if the document is revised within a given period from when it was supplied even if it has not been sold or sampled then enter that period in months here.

Unrevised Document Resupply Period:

If you want to resupply documents which are still being sold or sampled when the version has not changed you can enter a number of months here. The effect is that the document will be resupplied at this time interval, even though the document will be the same. This is useful if you need to supply documents annually.

Item Validity Property:

Use smart search to select the validity condition which should apply.

Document Requires Suitability Check: The default is ‘No’. Change to yes if you require suitability check to be performed before the document is produced (see Suitability Checking Overview for more information) Add the appropriate details and Save.

TIP – Note that sales and sample information are required to use this feature fully. Sales information is usually supplied from an ERP / Production system via integration. If your system is not integrated with sales and/or sample information but you want to automate resupply of documents you can choose the following options so that your documents are updated to your customers even though you don’t have direct sales data in Formpak.

Example document supply condition to resupply documents in absence of sales data:

Key document supply condition settings to automatically trigger re-supply of documents when there is no sales information available: in the application

  • Automated Supply for Sales: select First Supply and Resupply or First Supply only or Resupply only
  • Automated Supply for Samples: select any option
  • Supplying Item Period: enter any number of months
  • Unsupplied Document Revision Period* *: enter 12 months (this means any document supplied within the past 12 months will be trigger for resupply to a previous recipient if the document is revised)

* *this is the critical property to set.


Last updated Apr 2018
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