Manage settings for emailing documents

Manage settings for emailing documents

Manage Settings for emailing documents

You may want to send documents via email from within Formpak to do this you may want to define a company email address to which all documents you email are copied. This can be useful for tracking purposes and as proof of emailing.


You will need to know the SMTP Server, Port and User for the email you wish to set-up. This will depend on the mail service your company are using. For example, mail services can be Outlook or Gmail.

The SMTP settings can normally be found in the ‘Email Server Address’ in the account settings section of your mail service. Alternatively ask the IT system administrator of your company. The password is either from your email or from your domain (the unique name that appears after the @ sign in email addresses, and after www. in web addresses)

What is a SMTP?

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, and it’s an application used by mail servers to send, receive, and/or relay outgoing mail between email senders and receivers.

An SMTP email server will have an address that can be set by the mail service or application that you are using and is generally formatted as For example, the SMTP server Gmail uses is

When you send an email the SMTP server processes your email, decides which server to send the message to, and relays the message to that server. The recipient’s inbox mail service provider, for example Gmail, then downloads the message and places it in the recipient’s inbox.

The SMTP Server must be able to fulfil the following requirements

  1. Relay emails from the sender address in Formpak.
  2. Relay emails to the email address you want to send to.
  3. Relay emails from the host (computer) where the Formpak application is running.

You can verify the SMTP by using an application to test the network protocol (a system of rules that allows two or more entities to communicate) or similar utility.

Setting up Formpak to send documents via email


  1. You will now need to configure the Email Settings in Formpak (This will only be required on initial set-up):
  2. Navigate to Manage Application Settings
  3. Select Category Emails from the drop down menu.

The following information will be required please see below example

Note: Do not change the setting on SMTP Authentication Required and SSL Required.

  1. An SMTP email server will have an address that can be set by the mail application that you are using and is generally formatted as For example, the SMTP server Gmail uses is For Office365 enter
  2. This SMTP Server Port will usually be 587.
  3. If you are using an email client/application the username is the email address, and the password is the email account password. If you do not have this information. Check the setting in your email server or contact your IT department.
  4. SSL Protocols for Office365 enter TLSv.1.2 (dependant on SMTP Server)
  5. The subject heading.
  6. The sender email address.
  7. The recipients email address.
  8. The sender email address.
  9. The recipients email address.

Emailing the documents

Navigate to Print a Document for an Item select the Email PDF Option

This will generate your pdf for you to review, if you minimise the PDF document you will find:

Please complete this and send it. If using Print Labels for a Company or Print Documents and Labels first generate the label and select the Print to PDF option. This will give you the following screen – Select Send by Email.

This will give you the following screen – Select Send by Email

Complete the details and Send.

Other changes to email settings

You can change other settings in Manage Application Settings > Email Settings, for example, the email address from which the email is sent and SMTP settings. To customise the Subject and Content message of emails, you need to add or modify the appropriate Document Contents in Manage Document Content. Go to Document Content and find the appropriate content you wish to modify and update. A list of the different email contents is below for reference: –

To add document content for ‘’

Navigate to Manage Document Content

Select Add a New Content

Enter ‘’ in Code

Enter your chosen content in Content and Save

This can be modified in future as required. When selecting ‘Email PDF’ the document content will appear as shown:

This content is then shown in the email. (Please note that this box can also be edited directly at the time of printing as required, this will then revert to the default content after sending.)

Last updated Oct 2023
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