Print the Composition of an Item

Print the Composition of an Item

Print the Composition of an Item

Print the Composition of an Item is a tool used to generate an Item Composition Report.
This is a useful report to see different views of a composition.

To generate on Item Composition Report, follow the below process:

  • Enter the item of interest
  • Select an Explosion Type – This has two options:
    • Physical Explosion – This will show the directly added (physical) ingredients.
    • Regulatory Explosion – This will show the regulatory components (i.e. the components of raw materials)
  • Select an Explosion Depth – This has several options:
    • One Level – The standard view of the composition.
    • Structure – The composition with levels showing the components of other compositions.
    • Productionise – The composition flattened to a practical level, taking into account the Minimum Weighable Quantity (an application setting) and the value of Prevent Explosion for formulations.
    • Simplify – Simplify (explode) the composition. This differs to Flatten option by taking into account ‘Prevent Explosion’ if indicated on any formulations.
    • Flatten – The entire composition (flattened)
    • Manufacturing Instructions – The composition shown in stage order with manufacturing instructions based on each stage.
  • Select a Layout – This has two options:
    • Without Costs – This does not include cost information
    • With Costs – This will include the Unit and Extended Cost of each component and the Unit and Total Cost of the focus item.
  • Specify a quantity – This will adjust the quantity of each component accordingly.
  • Choose a Format – This gives you to option to choose the file format for the report. PDF, HTML, Excel or CSV options are available.
  • Click ‘Print’ to generate the report.

Example 1:

A Physical Explosion at One Level, without costs:

Example 2:

This is the same item report but with the Explosion Depth set to ‘Structure’:


Last updated June 2020
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