Search for Tasks

Search for Tasks

Search for Tasks

For monitoring and managing your own and your teams work, ‘Search for Project’s and ‘Search for Tasks’ are very helpful.

In this article we will look at Search for Tasks.

You can select an existing search type, e.g. ‘My Ready Tasks’ or ‘Overdue Tasks’ etc, these have predefined fields. Or you can select a ‘Custom Search’ and enter your own criteria.

When the results are displayed in the Results tab, you can select an individual project and then click View to look at the task.

In this example we are using Custom Search for Tasks created by ‘Project Manager’ and assigned between 1st June and 9th July 2020.

You will notice that there are many different criteria you can select.

Click Search once you have entered the criteria:

The results return with 4 Tasks. To view a Task, click on the project to select it and click View. Or to Print the Task, click Print.

A pop up box appears and you can select which Columns and Properties you would like to be displayed and what format you would like the report to be created in.


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Last updated July 2020
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