Specific Concentration Limits

Specific Concentration Limits

Adding a CLP Specific Concentration Limit (SCL) to a Raw Material

In the example shown there are Specific Concentration Limits (SCL’s) for skin and eye corrosion. In this case the specific limits need to be added to SCI 1A= ; SCI 1B= and SCI 2 = .

Here are the general instructions about adding SCL’s for Acetic Acid

SCL’s for raw materials are added in the GHS Hazards Property Group. The SCL’s are added to the properties which have ‘=’ at the end (the = properties relate to calculations).
In the example of Acetic Acid, the REACH registration / CLP Annex VI shows a classification of SCI 1A and related SCL’s of:
>= 90 SCI 1A,
>= 25 <90 SCI 1B,
>= 10 < 25 SCI 2.
In Formpak the overall classification is entered in the GHS Hazards property group SCI 1A Yes. The SCL’s are entered as:
SCI 1A = 90%
SCI 1B = 25%
SCI 2 = 10%
However, because there are related hazards that are not assigned a Specific Concentration Limit, values must be added for these otherwise the more severe hazards will be triggered at a dosage lower than the Specific Concentration Limit for the lesser hazards, when the General Concentration Limit applies, which is not the intention.
SCI 1C = 25% (This is the same value as SCI 1B, which will take precedence)
EDI 1 = 25%


Last updated Mar 2019
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