Training Matrix

Training Matrix

Training Matrix

Version 7 – 21st April 2020.

The Training Matrix is an Excel spreadsheet which lists all training and help content available at the date of publication (over 180 articles). The list includes target areas and a link to the content with dates so you can search on the most recently added/reviewed content. Additional training material is available in the Application help centre (just press the ‘Help’ button in the software). There is focused and recommended content for users in the following areas:

Admin – System: For users who work with system administration relating to initial set and especially in relation to user permissions.

Regulatory Affairs: For users who work with regulatory affairs, including adding rules such as properties and suitability, and generating documents.

Document Producer: For users who print documents, including Safety Data Sheets, to send to customers.

Product Development: For users who develop products, especially for adding formulations / recipes. It includes related overview information for projects, properties and suitability.

Projects and Tasks: For users who work with projects and tasks as part of their daily work.

Admin – Projects and Tasks: For users who need to set up the system for Projects and Tasks.

Admin – Items: For users who are involved in administration of items such as raw materials and formulations, and includes information on product organisation, categorisation and global changes.

Admin – Parties: For users who are involved in administration for parties, which include customers, suppliers and others.


Last updated April 2020
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