Adding a New Property

Adding a New Property

Process for adding a New Property

You might want to add a new property to reflect informaiton you want to add to raw materials or formulations. Exampels include new physical properties, country of origin, regional acceptability and usages. Properties can be manual or calculated and differnt methods are available.

We have additional information in presentation format to explain more about properties and why to set them up in particular ways. Please contact us if you would like additional information.

  1. Go to Add a New Property
  2. Enter Code e.g. ‘USECAND’
  3. Enter Name e.g. ‘Candle’
  4. In Property Type drop down select area property will show e.g (Recommended Use)
  5. In Property Group drop down select group area property will show e.g (Recommended Use)
  6. In the Value Type drop down box select the style of value you require e.g (Yes/No)
  7. Click Save



Last updated Dec 2019
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