Automated Document Re-supply

Automated Document Re-supply

How do I automatically update and re-supply documents?

You can use different functions within Formpak to control how, why and when documents are updated and re-supplied.

Properties can be automatically recalculated on an ongoing basis using Automatic Processing. Documents can also be automatically revised based on changes to key properties. These key properties are ‘Versioning Properties’ and can be found in ‘View a Document Type’.

You can specify conditions under which a document should be re-supplied using Document Supply Conditions. These can be found in ‘View a Document Supply Condition’. If a document meets the criteria it will be flagged to be re-issued to the previous recipient. The standard situation is one where last sale dates are imported into Formpak and this is considered in deciding when it’s appropriate to send a revised document.
To set a supply condition for the above example go to ‘Modify a Document Supply Condition’ and follow the below process:

In the ‘Name’ box, enter the name of the document for which you want to set the supply condition.
In the ‘Automated supply for Sales’ box select ‘First Supply and Resupply’ or ‘First Supply only’ or ‘Resupply only’.
In the ‘Automate Supply for Samples’ box select any option
In the ‘Supplying Item Period’ box enter any number of months.
In the ‘Unsupplied Document Revision Period’ enter 12 months (this means a document supplied within the past 12 months will be triggered for resupply to a previous recipient if the document is revised).

Finally, you need to ensure that your ‘Automatic Processing’ is set to include ‘Revise Documents’ and ‘Determine Documents Required’. However, you can configure documents to be supplied in absence of sales data.


Last updated Apr 2016
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