Manage Documents Required

Manage Documents Required

Manage Documents Required

Documents include Safety Data Sheets, Certificates and Specifications which contain business critical information which is required to be kept up to date and passed on to customers. Formpak automatically creates new versions of previously created documents and determines who needs them using the results of Automatic Processing. Documents can also be ‘required’ by manually being triggered by choosing ‘Print Later’ from Print a Document for an Item.

The requirements about when documents should be supplied are specified individually for each document in the Document Supply Conditions. For example a Safety Data Sheet may be required to be updated if specific properties and values change, but only send updated versions to customers who have received a sample or order in the last 12 months.

Using Manage Documents Required

Manage Documents Required allows you to find documents which need to be supplied and re-supplied. You can search by Company, Item, Application, Document Type or combinations of these.

It is also possible to view documents with different Status, e.g. ready or invalid. When you have entered appropriate search conditions, select ‘Search’ to view results.

The results show a list of documents to be sent. You can select them and perform these actions:

Print: Prints to a physical printer and logs ‘supply’ of the documents to the customer so that the document appears in the Documents Supplied list for the customer.

Print to PDF: Generate PDF files for the batch of documents highlighted, along with covering letter if required. This also logs ‘supply’ of the documents. If you select documents for multiple customers/parties then multiple zip files will be created, each representing one customer. From here there is an option to email documents – note this emails all the document zip files to one recipient.

Assume Supplied: Mark the document ‘Supplied’ with associated actions, i.e. the document will appear in Documents Supplied list for the Company.

Suppress: Suppress the document from being printed. Note – the system will only trigger the document as required again if the Item is resupplied to the Company.

Remove: Remove the document from the Documents Required list. Note – the system will trigger the document as required again if it fulfils the Document Supply Conditions (as determined during the ongoing assessments of Items, properties and documents supplied).

Set Required: Set the Document as ‘Required’



Last updated Apr 2016
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