Region Settings

Region Settings

Region Settings

You can view region settings by search for “View a Region”. Choose from the drop down list to select the region you wish to see. Information shown will include the code, name and country of the language, format details and date last modified.

To edit these settings go to “Manage Region Settings”. Use the drop down box to select a region. Settings such as number, date and time format can be modified. It is possible to change additional settings:

RTL: Tick this box for right-to-left text.

Is Default: Makes this region the default region.

For Display: Enables this region to be available for selection as the display region. The facility to select a different region in the application is in the application welcome bar (at the top of the screen) next to the log out button. The default is English (United Kingdom). You can use this facility e.g. to change the date format seen within the application.

For Print: Enables Documents to be printed with these settings and enables translations for documents, properties and applications to be entered.


Last updated Jan 2018
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