Suitability – Customer raw materials allowed

Suitability – Customer raw materials allowed

Data Import and New Property (for Customer ‘allowed’ raw materials and suitability)


Sometimes a customer provides a list of allowed raw materials, meaning any other ingredients are prohibited within their formulations. Formpak can help in this scenario by:

  1. Importing the status of ‘allowed’ for each raw material
  2. Advising on properties, so the status for a formulation can be calculated from the status of the raw materials
  3. Advising on suitability, so that during product development and other processes, you can quickly determine if a formulation is suitable for the customer

Outline of Typical Process

  1. Add a new yes/no property in Formpak to represent your customer allowed list, e.g. CUSTX-OK. Advise us the exact property code you use.
  2. Provide us with a spreadsheet which contains the raw materials allowed by the customer. This can be by the item codes (as used in Formpak), or by CAS numbers.
  3. If the list is provided by CAS number we can undertake a matching step to locate your item codes. This is likely to require your input to review that the correct item codes have been found.
  4. The spreadsheet is transformed by us into a loadable set of raw materials which we send to you.
  5. You use ‘Batch Import Items’ to import the raw materials and select ‘Modify existing items’ and ‘Preserve existing data’ and the property value is set to ‘Yes’ for the CUSTX-OK property.
  6. If you want the property CUSTX-OK to be calculated for formulations, we can advise on this. The basic requirement is to make the CUSTX-OK property calculated based on Physical composition, and ALL criteria. If you do this, enable / allow all property calculations to be updated using Automatic Processing.
  7. If you want suitability checking to be added, we can advise on this also. There are two main options: For the customer, add suitability for ‘Property required’ for property CUSTX-OK. You could instead, or also, add suitability for ‘Physical Item Approved List by Property’ for property CUSTX-OK.

Please contact us if you require any further information or would like to go ahead with this style of import.


Last updated Jan 2018
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