Turning off a Property

Turning off a Property

Process for turning off a Property

Many properties are calculated based on composition data. Occasionally the result of the calculated property is not what you want. For example, an essential oil may have a test result for environmental hazards which is different to the calculated result. Another example is if your formulation contains acids and bases and the calculated result leads to skin corrosion hazard but you know neutralistion has occurred. In this type of scenario, you may want to ‘turn off’ the calculated property and add manual properties instead.

Please note, property calculation updates only target calculated properties. Hence, when you make a property manual, any updating for that property also becomes manual.

  1. Load a Formulation in
  2. Click on the Properties tab
  3. Select the Property Group e.g ‘CLP Hazards’
  4. Locate the Property you wish to turn off
  5. Unselect the Is Calculated box
  6. Click on the edit boxes on the far right
  7. Select No in the Property Value drop down box
  8. Click OK
  9. Once finished making Property modifications, click Calculate Now and Save

Screen shots for this process are below:


Last updated Dec 2019
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