Generate Item Matching List

Generate Item Matching List

Generate Item Matching List

An Item Matching List is used to compare CAS numbers from raw materials on your Formpak system to CAS numbers present in a different set of data. After the comparison and processing, the new or modified information can be uploaded to your Formpak system.

Generate an Item Matching List

  1. In Find Matching Items, search for the items you want to be included in the matching process.
  2. When the results are displayed, check they are what you expected.
  3. Then press the ‘export’ button and select ‘Items Matching List’.
  4. Save the zip file and rename it to include your company name e.g.
  5. Send the zip file to us with your request.


A typical scenario where this process is used is when there is an IFRA IOFI Labelling Manual update.

  • You export the list of items you want to match to and send it to us
  • We process your items, matching your data to CAS numbers in the Labelling Manual
  • We return results for you to check, with queries for you to review
  • You return the checked list to us for further processing
  • We update your system remotely or return modified items to you for import

This process can also be used to update other raw material data:

  • Update matching CAS numbers for raw materials with WGK values
  • Add a new property e.g. ‘On Customer Approved List’ to existing raw materials where CAS number match
  • Add Molecular Weight or Vapour Pressure to matching CAS numbers

Please contact us if you would like any further details.


Last updated Jan 2020
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