Inhalation Acute Toxicity (LC50)

Inhalation Acute Toxicity (LC50)

Entering Inhalation Acute Toxicity (LC50)

First check the units for LC50 are consistent with the units in the GHS regulation for the type of product (mist / vapour / dust). The regulation shows the following:

If the units are inconsistent, you should convert the value. For example you may need to convert a value given in units of mg/m3 to units of mg/l.

When your value and units are consistent enter the value in property LC50 Inhalation, and select the appropriate route for the property using property LC50 Inhal Route.
For example you could enter:

  • 15 mg/l’ as the value for ‘LC50 Inhalation’
  • ‘Vapour’ as the route for property ‘LC50 Inhal Route’

As with all technical and regulatory properties, it is advisable to perform some checks to ensure the effects are as you expect.


Last updated Apr 2016
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